AKRIMAN has been a very successful supplier of the Greek market with pumps of the famous Italian manufacturer Start Elevator SRL since 1993.

The aforementioned pumps are most suitable in buildings were there is a need for perfectly silent operation of the hydraulic lift and their characteristics are:

-Noiseless operation
-Soft start, without any vibrations, regardless of lift load (up to 20 tons)

Perfect shift from slow to high speed, and soft stop without any vibrations

Adjustable floor-stop approach speed

Absolute floor-stop precision

Automatic and manual release in case of power blackout

The central power unit of the hydraulic pump of Start Elevator Srl contains:

• Synchronous three-phase power oil-motor with thermistor inside the stator (power : 4.4-80 KW ELMO)
• Volumetric three –bolt pump, without pulse (supply 13-740 lt per min)
• Valve group inside the tank for total absorption of the noise of the pump unit. The valve group is designed and manufactured thoroughly in START Elevator factory with special CNC machinery

Every central Unit is adjusted to real working conditions that are defined in the customer’s order by a specialized electronic syste

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