The Gearless machine with motor and permanent magnets has 70% smaller dimensions than other elevator machines, is inverter controlled and offers noiseless and comfortable movement with excellent stop accuracy, energy saving and lesser maintenance costs


The flat steel polyurethane coated belts, are 20% lighter and of three times higher endurance than conventional wire ropes


The belt control system offers 24/7 supervision of belt condition


Advantages over conventional systems:

• Conventional steel wire ropes are replaced with flat polyurethane coated belts, which lead to silent and shock-free operation
• The gearless machine is controlled through an inverter and offers comfortable movement with excellent stop accuracy.
• Low inertia machine, gearless, with permanent motors, leads to energy saving and low maintenance costs.
• Belts and gearless machine do not need extra lubricants and are thus more friendly to the environment
• The traction between the flat, coated belt and the smooth surface of the corrugated pulley minimizes belt wear and tear
• The flexible belt requires a smaller engine, which eliminates the need for a machine-room.
• The belt control system constantly supervises the belt operation.
• Since the machine is installed directly on the guiderails, load is transferred in the machine-well, further reducing installation cost
• Manufacture processes and components of the gearless systems follow European Directives and Elevator Prototypes.

Advantages of the new gearless system are:

• Smooth and silent operation
• Reduced electrical consumption
• Optimized well space allocation
• Quick installation
• Fewer maintenance requirements
• Environmentally friendly
• Safety rule compliant (EN 81-1A3, 3N82-28, and EN 81-58)


The new gearless machine and belt technology generation offers an ideal solution for apartments, public and commercial buildings alike, minimizing space usage and energy consumption
The new system may be installed in both older and newer lifts, with or without machine room (MRL), while it is capable of operating with single-phase supply voltage of 220V
Moreover, in buildings with heavy traffic, where higher cabin speed and many movements are required, the new system can replace older pump and piston hydraulic lifts, keeping the other elevator parts (cabin, doors, guide-rails) the same.

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